Mimdalf is an Elf of the Winter Court, the second son of a landless noble in the Elven Court.



Chaotic Neutral
Elf Wizard
2nd level
Str:11 Int:18 Wis:12 Dex:16 Con:15 Cha:14
Armor Class: 12
Hit Points: 10(14)
Age: 246
Secondary Skill: Soldier(Con)
Spells in Traveling Spell Book: 0LvL=Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Light, Mending,Endure Elements, Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Message.
1st LvL= Sleep, Read Magic, Burning Hands, Summon Familiar, Identify,Shield, Feather Fall, Floating Disc, Magic Missile.

Magic Items:
Zenopus’s Traveling Spell Book (Z), Summon Monster(3rd Lvl)

Potion Of Extra Healing(Fizzy Blue Raspberry)2 doses left

Zenopus’s Black Ring (Minor Ring of Wizardry 0LvL Spells)

Scroll with Wall Of Ice

Unusual Items:
Expert Dwarven Dirk (75gp) Forged by Kettle Swordsmith in Woad (1/1)


Mimdalf is an Elf of 5’4 height and about 110 lbs. He has long dark brown hair, silver-blue at the ends and braided with many rings, pointed ears, dark brown eyes, slight scar on left cheek he received in a duel at court. He has a large black cat named “Soot” he is never seen without. So far his toughest adversary he has defeated single handed was an Orc soldier in Zenopus’s Tower. He is a mercenary spellcaster for hire.


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