Boots of ElvenKind

Elven Boots


Boots of Elvenkind: These soft boots enable the wearer to move quietly in
virtually any surroundings. No dexterity check is necessary unless the wearer
is running or charging. At such times, the boot’s dweomer is negated and the
character takes a –10 penalty to the check.


These boots of elven-kind, were created for the Druidess in the party as part of a reward. The party solved a riddle and saved her from drowning in Zenopus’s Maze. What am I? I am dead, yet am immortal. I am a powerful wizard, yet I am not human nor elf. I burn with a
horrible flame, yet my touch will chill you to the bone. So you tell
me, friend. What am I?” The Ranger, correctly guessed the riddle, (a Liche) and the Druidess was reawrded with these boots.

Boots of ElvenKind

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