The Realm of mankind is narrow and constricted. Always

the forces of evil press upon its borders, seeking to enslave
its populace, rape its riches, and steal its treasures. If
it were not for a stout few, many in the Realm would indeed
fall prey to this evil which surrounds them. Yet, there are always
certain exceptional and brave members of humanity,
as well as similar individuals among its allies – dwarves,
elves, and halflings – who rise above the common level
and join battle to stave off the darkness which would otherwise
overwhelm the land. Bold adventurers from the Realm
set off for the Borderlands to seek their fortune. It is these adventurers
who, provided they survive the challenge, carry
the battle to the enemy. Such adventurers meet the forces
of evil in a testing ground where only the fittest will return
to relate the tale. Here, these individuals will become
skilled in their profession, be it fighter or magic-user, cleric
or thief. They will be tried in the fire of combat, those who return,
hardened and more fit. True, some few who do survive
the process will turn from Law and good and serve the
masters of evil, but most will remain faithful and ready to
fight evil wherever it threatens to infect the Realm.
You are indeed members of that exceptional class, adventurers
who have journeyed to the BORDERLANDS
in search of fame and fortune. Of course you are inexperienced,
but you have your skills and a heart that cries
out for adventure. You have it in you to become great, but
you must gain experience and knowledge and greater
skill. There is much to learn, and you are willing and eager
to be about it! Each of you has come with everything which
could possibly be given you to help. Now you must fend for
yourselves; your fate is in your hands, for better or worse.
Ahead, up the winding road, atop a sheer-wailed mount of
stone, looms the great Keep of Leomhann. Here, at one of civilization’s
strongholds between good lands and bad, you will base
yourselves and equip for forays against the wicked monsters
who lurk in the wilds. Somewhere nearby, amidst the
dark forests and tangled fens, are the Caves of Chaos
where fell creatures lie in wait. All this you know, but before
you dare adventure into such regions you must become
acquainted with the other members of your group, for each
life will depend upon the ability of the others to cooperate
against the common foe. Now, before you enter the grim
fortress, is the time for introductions and an exchange of information,
for fate seems to have decreed that you are to
become an adventurous band who must pass through
many harrowing experiences together on the path which
leads towards greatness.

Lost in Asgard

Mimdalf 9 11 Zavonglyr Jeminar